Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I'm Back!!!! 2005 in review pt. 1

After spending most of the last half of 2005 obsessing over flickr, the time has come to start up the old blog again. I guess I should begin with my favorite things of 2005. It was a wonderous year in music. I found so many new things. The runaway album of the year for me is Boris' "Pink" . I can't describe how wonderful this record truly is. This power trio delivers Heavy riffs which have never sounded so crushing yet heartfelt.. The guitar player Wata is quite the shreder. Pink is available as a expensive import on cd, but don't fret if you dont have the skrill. Southern Lord will be realeasing it domestically in March.
Another favoirete album of last year comes from Deerhoof! "Runners Four" I don't think this band is capable of making a bad record. Each one is better than the next. A friend said they sound a bit like Blonde Redhead. I think their a bit less melodic and way more dangerous. And that's putting it mildly.
2005 saw the release of Miho Hatori's "Ecdysis". Sadly It is only availble as an expensive Japanese import. Simply sublime it feels like a nice synthesis of her Bossa Nova leanings and electronic music. Some say she even has a Bjorkish quality on this one. I think that is a good thing. Ecdysis is deep and it takes awhile to get through the skin, but once it does....oh boy are you in trouble!
Fantômas is a staple in my life and no collection would be complete without their latest release "Suspended Animation". Definately more in the Spirit of the first record just more....Brutal. The beautiful art on the packaging is done by Yoshimoto Nara. Fans of cartoon music will love this spastic assault from Patton and Company.
Afrirampo blew up this year with gigs at ATP and opening up for sonic youth. Oni and Pika are incredible live and you should treat yourself to their tour this spring! If you come to the Oakland show you will get to see my Judy And Mary cover ban, Music Fighter, open up for them. It will be oh so... Any way Afrirampo released two really great records. One in Japan called "Urusa in Japan" and one in America called Kore ga Mayaku da! Both are awesome dispalys of raw unrestrained female musicality! More favs from the o'nickel to come in part II!!!!


Blogger tifanie said...

Hey gorgeous! Thank you for the musical suggestions- I have been suffering terribly without your guidance. (In mor eways than one.) You look like Salvador Dali in your picture. I like it. I miss you!

6:31 PM  
Blogger adriana said...

He lives!!!

10:14 AM  
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