Monday, April 18, 2005

Movie Flight

I was on a plane for ten+ hours watching too many movies. It started great. I saw the incredible for the first time. Fantastic! Loved it. Then I moved to Ocean's 12. Having not seen the remake I didn't`t really get it. Bad ass crooks dress sharp and are smarter than the smartest and everybody wins. A real feel good movie.
Moving right along I watched the ever heart wrenching "Finding Neverland". Nevermind. I like Johnny Depp, and he gives a command performance as James Barrie. But I`ll take 21 Jumpstreet over that any day.
I then watched a movie in Japanese about a female lawyerTakako who represents one of her long lost high school classmates. Her old classmate got knocked up by a rising movie star who is on Location in New York. He has hired the other attorney in the firm. It`s a real tear-jerker with a lot of laughs. And yes after the blood and DNA tests true love prevails.
I ended my film fest with National Treasure. What the FUCK! It looks made for T.V. Bad acting, editing,script. But it is good on American history, I suppose. Did someone put money into this. It should be boner city with Nick Cage, Harvey Keitel and Jon"Anaconda not Midnight Cowboy" Voight. Maybe these guys are B-sides now.
I landed in Narita and then took the hour and a half express train to Shinjuku in Tokyo. I sat next to a real nice German lady Annetta, who owns her own travel agency for Orchestra`s. Sounds cool. She travels all the time. She reminded me that the World Expo is going on. I think I am going to have to check that out. The conversation was so nice that I forgot that I was in Japan(no Joke). When we got off the train, all the smells and sounds hit like a ton of bricks. So I grabbed a locker and hit the scene.
Now I'm sitting in my favorite manga place. Tomorrow I am going to stay at my good friend Soichiro's house. But tonight it's capsule all the way!!


Blogger adriana said...


YES i meant to tell you, to FORCE you to go to the expo. it really sounds amazing. you've got to do it. i command you.

11:28 AM  
Blogger Alt 90s Snob said...

i want to own a travel agency...

11:58 AM  
Blogger anna said...

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