Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Dinner with the Sugita's

I just had the most amazing dinner with my friend Soichiro's parents. His mom prepared Sashimi and Tempura. It was soooooo deliciouso. They kept filling my glass with beer and sake and filling my plate with many good things. Now I am done. I am a bloated pig and I am ready for bed.

The Sugita's are very sweet. Today was Mr. Sugita's 58th birthday. A rare treat indeed. Soichro's 84 year old grandmother was also present at dinner. She was always looking out for me by filing my sake glass or making sure I had enough tempura sauce.

I am going sightseeing with Soichiro tomorrow and then meeting up with my friend Cal. I will be leaving for Kansai on Friday to hopefully interview Makoto Kawabata of the Acid Mothers Temple, and see some old friends.

Even though I just arrived. It feels like I am running out of time. If anyone has any spare money lying around. I sure could use it. You'll receive an executive producer credit on my film! So dig deep like dig dug and don't delay.


Blogger tifanie said...

Where do we send it?

5:46 PM  
Anonymous Kanako said...

Great that you met Soy's family and had a great dinner with them. How's Soy?
I missed him at SFO when I left for Japan last month. He was also at SFO to catch a flight back to Japan. We were supposed to meet but we had a miscommunication althought we both spoke Japanese. hehe.

I have to read all your old blogs to catch up! When are you coming back? I'm here in the Haight waiting for ya!

2:36 AM  
Blogger adriana said...

gabe, tell us you were nowhere near that rail accident.

9:40 AM  

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