Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Meet The Parents

Yesterday, I met up with my friend Soichiro. We hung out most of the day at coffee shops and drank too much coffee and tons of hope cigarettes. It was fun. I don't smoke usually unless I am really drunk, but here it seemed appropriate.
After a great dinner we went back to Soichiro's house. I met his parents. They are very cute! They were very curious about me and asked me all about why I like Japanese music and film. I replied that I am drawn to the sound of the Japanese language and the pitch of Japanese voices. It appeals to me. Also the blend of western and eastern influence catches my attention more than most things.
Today I am trying to figure out my schedule for the rest of the trip, and hammer down these darn interviews.


Blogger tifanie said...

damn, you're in japan! I did not know that- what interviews are you doing? so cooooooooooooool!

11:37 PM  

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