Friday, June 24, 2005


I just saw Bleach for the third time. These girls put on one of the best live shows ever. They are ferocious and fun. Check 'em out if you get the chance!
There are more photos available here if you are interested. Afrirampo are coming to America. Check them out if you get the chance. They are not to be missed! Their tour schedule is here.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Black Fiction

Holy Shit. My friends have a new band called Black Fiction and they blew me away tonight. It was their first gig as part of the Mission Creek Music Festival at the Make Out Room. In short they rocked and I was happy to video tape their performance! I can't wait to make a DVD. I hope it turns out okay. Rock!

I have been taking many photos. If you want to see them I put them here.