Thursday, March 31, 2005

Requieum for a Wolf!

Dear friends,
I am deeply saddend by the loss of Hideaki Sekiguch better known as Billy the bass player for Guitar Wolf has died of a heart attack in his sleep. He was only 38.
I recently saw Guitar Wolf perform in Tokyo at O-East in Shibuya. I must saw they are one of the most powerful rock bands ever. I regret missing their recent show in the Bay Area. So please in honor of Billy, pour yourself a glass of your favorite drink and turn up the music to eleven. We will miss you Billy!
I must say I am also saddend by the recent passing of Terry Schiavo. I feel for our country too. This issue really ripped through our hearts as we poke and pry into the private lives of a tortured inbittered family. Even our saintly politicians seemed useless to score any points. I pity the media for dropping the ball on this time. It could of been a big story. I guess everybody lost, except maybe the Lawyers. Mostly I will miss her blog.
Now If the Pope could remain in a vegitive state until he reaches 100 then we could all breath a little easier. It could be the best CBS movie of the week. It might even be better than Spring Break Shark Attack! Maybe not, but there is always hope.